Texas – It is Time to Oust Straus

In the days leading up to last Tuesday’s election, key proof was released by RedState Editor Erick Erickson regarding Texas Speaker of the House Joe Straus’ palpable disdain for Texas’ conservative grassroots base.

This should come as no surprise to any Texans that remember the 2010 battle for Speaker, which resulted in accusations of illegal activity, manipulation, and retribution towards those who refused to support Straus’ bid.  Following the session lines were re-drawn that drastically changed the districts of two of Straus’ most outspoken detractors.

Liberal establishment Republican Straus’ contempt for the conservative grassroots base has repeatedly been exposed, most recently during the 2012 Senate Primary with his opposition to Ted Cruz and an overheard conversation between a Straus staffer and a Dewhurst ally.  However, definitive proof of this disdain has now been provided in the form of leaked emails between Straus staffers and key supporters.  Filled with scathing descriptions of tea party activists, conservative representatives, and their staffers, these messages should serve as final, clear evidence that Straus should be replaced as Speaker.

Texas, it is time to demand accountability from our legislature, especially from its most public member. We need leadership that we can count on to fight the many battles we know are ahead, not someone who is more concerned with their own political future than the well-being of the Texans they are elected to serve.

Take the time to read the RedState article, our endorsement of Bryan Hughes, and contact your legislators to make sure they know how you feel. Our work did not end on Election Day; it is just beginning.