The “Audacity” of Tanya McDowell

This week, a homeless mother in Connecticut is being dragged into court and faces a possible jail sentence for sending her 6yr old son to a school that was not in her district (not that she had a district-she was homeless).  

Interestingly the NAACP has agreed to defend this woman in court; good for them.  Perhaps this will enlighten them to the failures of our nation’s public school system-caused primarily by the Teacher’s Unions.  The NAACP has stated:  “The NAACP doesn’t like that they’re trying to attack somebody whose poor and doesn’t have a good support system.”  Esdaile, president of the Connecticut State Conference of the NAACP says:  “This is discrimination.”  He is exactly right, the left are hypocrites, and this is discrimination-the NAACP, must defend school choice and yes, turn against these abusive Teacher’s Unions once and for all; the fate of their poor communities are at stake.

According to the Norwalk school district, 33-year-old Tanya McDowell stole $15,686 worth of education by using her babysitter’s Norwalk address.  Tanya McDowell stated: “”I wanted to send my child to a great school. What kind of crime are you committing by doing that?”  “I want the best education possible.  All I wanted was the best for him.”  Now her son attends a school that is in a much poorer area of town and has landed on the “Conneticut Failing School List”; what hypocrisy on the left.  My heart breaks when I read this; and I wonder how can the left continue to defend Teacher’s Unions and failing schools? 

So you wonder how this story can get any worse right?  Well the Mayor of Norwalk Connecticut says he feels bad for Tanya but supports her arrest.  Is this corrupt mayor afraid that if he does not press charges other poor families will defy these criminal Teacher’s Unions and failed public school system and send their kid to a school out of district also?  I hope so.  FYI, the mayors daughter is the Prosecutor…….

The New York Times of course cannot resist the opportunity to rail against school choice and continue to deliver their unwavering support for failing Teacher’s Unions as well.  Columnist Joe Nocera has penned a ridiculous piece which doles out the same old lines about how school choice just isn’t the answer, school choice will leave some kids behind, teachers are the unsung heroes, they do a wonderful job, public schools can fix themselves, blah, blah, blah.  Hypocrisy.  

I do know one thing, eventually severe hypocrisy of any kind causes one to become completely illegimate; losing all credibility.  Those on the left who are continuing to give public schools and awful teachers a pass are on their way to this fate.

What can we do?  Pennsylvania is one of the first states taking on the issue of school choice, their state legislature votes on Senate Bill 1 (school choice for Pennsylvania) next week.  It will be a close vote; call the Pennsylvania lawmakers and demand they give poor Americans a chance at the best education they can achieve.  Here is the link to the Pennsylvania House and Senate phone numbers and email

Senate Bill 1 in Pennsylvania is a start and is an important step in the right direction for our entire Nation.  If you live in an area with failing schools or if you know someone who does; act now; help deliver a major blow to Teacher’s Unions.