The Common Sense of School Choice

     The Pennsylvania legislature is currently considering a landmark step forward in education: Senate Bill 1. Senate bill 1 is a bipartisan bill that supports a voucher program for qualified low income students in failing school districts. This bill would allow students who are currently experiencing academic success in the difficult setting of a failing school an opportunity to leave that school in favor of a better one, taking their tax money with them in the form of vouchers. This program injects competition into the educational program of Pennsylvania, rewarding successful schools for their efforts while helping to hold failing schools accountable for their poor performance.
     This bill is a win for all who are involved. Not only does the bill create a system in which performance is rewarded, it also offers the opportunity to succeed to those students whose positive performance would go unrecognized at a failing school. Senate Bill 1 would offer these students, who are experiencing academic success despite the adversity of a failing school, the best possible chance at a future. Further, the bill is one that is a fiscally sound policy, allowing tax dollars to be diverted to those schools that are proving themselves successful institutions of learning.
Please contact your local Senator and Representative and tell them that you want them to support the future of Pennsylvania by supporting Senate Bill 1!


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