The Debt Clock: For Democrats, Out of Sight Means Out of Mind

According to The Daily Caller, Democrat members of the House Financial Services Committee would rather not be faced with the ever-growing national debt when given the opportunity.  California Rep. Maxine Waters and Minnesota Rep. Keith Ellison both protested after Committee chairman Jeb Hensarling had two monitors set up in the room to display the running national debt clock.

For her part, Waters complained that they had no budget with which to work so, one assumes, she doesn’t feel knowing the current amount of national debt is of any importance to the financial committee.  Why she would point out the failure of the Democrats to pass a budget over the last four years, (1400 days to be exact) and use it as an excuse to not get anything done goes beyond reasonable understanding.

As for Ellison, he believed the display of the national debt was “a political prop designed to message ideologically.”  Apparently facts and figures don’t apply to the ideology of the Democrats.   

If there was any question about how serious Democrats take handling the debt and decreasing spending, this little incident makes the answer clear.  If they can’t see the problem, it doesn’t exist.

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