The economic insanity of global warming alarmists

The International Energy Agency is reporting a “surprising” and “significant” decline in worldwide CO2 emissions in 2009, versus 2008. The reason, of course, is the deep worldwide recession which has wiped trillions of dollars out of the planet’s wealth.

Now just think about the insane response of the world-government alarmists whose true goal is to regulate everything under the sun: The IEA’s chief economist said that the drop was “a unique window of opportunity” to reach an agreement at the upcoming Copenhagen climate change talks, namely an agreement to limit CO2 emissions.

In other words, the IEA’s Algore acolytes are hoping that our government and others cement in place, through regulation, the economic destruction that has just occurred.  And what else would you expect from a supra-national agency? It could only be to their benefit, in terms of increased power and increased budget, if nations were economically suicidal enough to do what they suggest. And sadly, it appears the leaders of many nations, including our own economoron Barack Hussein Obama may be ready to do just that.

Let’s put it another way: Imagine you had a child who was likely to grow to be 6 feet tall, and one day he broke his leg in an accident.  The doctor could set the bone it the usual way, following which your child would reach his full potential height, even if it took a few months longer than it might have. Imagine your response if the doctor suggested that he reset the bone in a way that would mean your child would only grow to be 5’8″ tall because then your child probably wouldn’t need to eat as much food and, really, how important could it be if he were able to play on his high school basketball team anyway?  This is the sort of thinking we get from the IEA, Algore, Barack Obama, and the author every single piece of “climate” legislation.

Actually, the legislation is even worse than this example because even supporters of cap-and-trade and similar measures don’t claim that they will have substantial impact on the climate; they’ll just have enormous costs.

It should seem obvious that if a terrible economy results in low CO2 emissions, then enforcing low CO2 emissions means a terrible economy.  Reminds me of a basic mathematical theorem that you might have learned in 6th grade.  Unfortunately, for the One World Government types and our nearly insane “science” advisors to our clueless president, a bad economy is just another great opportunity, another crisis not to let go to waste.

It’s time for citizens to stand up against this madness.  If you are represented by a Senator who seems inclined to support so-called “climate change” legislation, let him (or her) know that you will go out of your way to support a political challenger if the Senator votes the wrong way, namely if he votes to kneecap our economy so that our children stand a real chance of being the first generation in American history with a lower quality of life than their parents.

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