The Fight Has Just Begun: The Internet Sales Tax

On Tuesday, Governor Rick Perry issued his first veto of the year, vetoing HB 2403, an Internet sales tax bill which FreedomWorks opposed. By vetoing HB 2403 Governor Perry has saved taxpayers and business alike from burdensome regulations and new taxes. In vetoing the legislation Perry cited that a key reason for his veto was that there was no consensus between lawmakers, tech experts, consumers and retailers. FreedomWorks commends Governor Perry’s bold action, and urges other governors to follow suit.

Four other states have passed measures that would levy a sales tax on Internet purchases forcing businesses to flee the states, and thirteen others are considering passing similar legislation. Last month Tennessee rejected their version of the Internet sales tax; more than 2,700 letters from FreedomWorks Tennessee activists were sent to lawmakers and Governor Bill Haslam showing opposition to the bill.

The biggest battle has yet to come. Senators Dick Durbin (D-Ill) and Mike Enzi (R-Wyo) plan to introduce the Main Street Fairness Act of 2011, a bipartisan bill that has been in the works for months, which would create a quasi-federalized tax plan for states to tax Internet sales. If passed, the bill would stifle Internet entrepreneurship, increase taxes, and create new government regulations. FreedomWorks will continue to oppose these hurtful legislations at both the state and federal level.  Click below to take action, call your Senators and urge them to oppose the Main Street Fairness Act of 2011.