The Health Care Fight

Steve Forbes new article, “The Fight” does an excellent job of explaining how important the health care fight will be.  Check out the article.  Here are some quotes from it:

Make no mistake: Obama’s plan will be the Administration’s absolute top priority, trumping new energy taxes and the forced unionization of private-sector workers. Irrevocably sinking Washington’s claws deep into an area constituting 17% of the economy is too great an opportunity for this Administration to pass up.


The purpose, as he puts it, will be to provide competition with the private carriers. But this won’t be competition; it will be a de facto government takeover.


Such a scheme would be a disaster. It would destroy innovation and lead to shortages and rationing. All the frustrations we experience with our current higgledy-piggledy system will pale beside the replacement’s increasingly subpar care, ever lengthening lines for basic services and ever longer waits for “elective” surgeries.


President Obama says he wants to make health care affordable for all. Applying free-market principles to health care would do just that.


This whole piece is worth reading.  Forbes offers several free market solutions that would drive down health care costs that the administration and Congress should strongly consider.

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