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Open Secrets: Top self-funding congressional candidates were among the 2022 election cycle’s biggest losers

  • “According to year-end disclosures filed with the Federal Election Commission, the majority of the self-funding candidates were Republicans, investing around $211 million of their own money into the contest.”
  • “Self-funding candidates were some of the biggest losers this election cycle, with only two out of the top 10 self-funding candidates pulling through a win. Both winners were House candidates, while the eight who lost ran for Senate seats.”

USA Today: Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer says there will be ‘a clean debt ceiling’ increase

  • “After the Treasury Department began using “extraordinary measures” in January to continue paying the government’s debts, talks began in Congress about raising the debt ceiling in order to avoid an economic crisis. Biden and Democrats have so far remained steadfast on the issue, emphasizing they will not negotiate with Republicans.”

Sky News: John Fetterman ‘still in recovery’ and ‘probably shouldn’t’ be in the Senate

  • “After surviving a stroke in May of last year, Mr. Fetterman was admitted to hospital in Washington DC last week for light-headedness and has since been discharged. He quite clearly had not made a full recovery.”

PBS News: Ohio derailment that released toxic chemicals raises railroad safety questions

  • “The fiery derailment of a train carrying 20 tons of toxic chemicals — sending a huge plume of smoke in the air and forcing residents of a small Ohio town to evacuate.”
  • The media is covering up the severity of this train derailment of toxic chemicals. FEMA, RedCross, and Governor Mark DeWine are not acting on or answering to the emergency needs of the people of Palestine, Ohio.

U.S. House of Representatives Updates

CPR News: Adam Frisch vs. Lauren Boebert rematch: The Democrat who almost won is running for Congress again

  • “Democrat Adam Frisch is running for Congress… again. He officially launched his 2024 bid against GOP Rep. Lauren Boebert with an online announcement Tuesday.”

Daily Caller: Noal Wall: RINOs Are Helping Joe Biden Undermine our Border

  • “The “GOP” agent who is working with Biden to sabotage Republican efforts to secure the border is none other than Representative Tony Gonzales of Texas’ 23rd Congressional District.”
  • “Not only is Rep. Gonzales weak on the issue of immigration at-large, he opposed the new House rules package that restores the ability of individual representatives to have a say in the legislative process. Will Rep. Gonzales see a challenger in his next primary?”


Senate Updates

POLITICO: Feinstein passes on Senate reelection in 2024

  • “The California Democrat, the longest-serving woman in Senate history, Sen. Dianne Feinstein announced she will not run for reelection in 2024, capping a 30-year Senate career and accelerating a succession battle that’s already well underway.”

Associated Press: California 2024 US Senate Contest Kicks Off at Furious Pace

  • “California’s U.S. Senate race is unfolding at a furious pace, with candidates reporting seven-figure fundraising and holding competing rallies and campaign events more than a year before the 2024 primary election.”
  • “The fight for the safely Democratic seat held by Sen. Dianne Feinstein, who at 89 is the oldest member of Congress, is shaping up as a marquee match-up between nationally known rivals and is likely to become one of the most expensive Senate races in the country next year.”

The New York Times: Bernie Sanders Has a New Role. It Could Be His Final Act in Washington.

  • “After two unsuccessful runs for the presidency, the Vermont senator now leads the Senate health committee, a job that gives him sweeping jurisdiction to summon billionaires to testify before Congress.” 
  • “Mr. Sanders can put these men on the spot because he is the new chairman of the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions. The job gives him sweeping jurisdiction over issues that have animated his rise in politics, such as access to health care, the high cost of prescription drugs and workers’ rights.”
  • Mr. Sanders has said he will not seek the Democratic nomination for president again if President Biden runs for re-election. He is himself up for re-election in 2024 and would not say whether he would run again, which raises the prospect that the next two years in Congress could be his last.”

CNN: The 10 Senate seats most likely to flip in 2024 

  • “West Virginia, Montana, Ohio, Arizona, Nevada, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Florida, and Texas.”

Presidential Updates

RealClearPolitics: Nevada Poll

Credibility Rating: 6/10

POLITICO: Utah Republican wants GOP to nominate a governor for president

  • “Utah Gov. Spencer Cox said Sunday he’d prefer that Republicans pick a governor to be their presidential nominee in 2024.”
  • “Cox said they were “all fantastic” after Todd threw out some names of Republican governors: New Hampshire’s Chris Sununu, Florida’s Ron DeSantis and South Dakota’s Kristi Noem, as well as former Govs. Asa Hutchinson of Arkansas and Nikki Haley of South Carolina.”

FOX News: White House reaffirms that President Biden intends to run for re-election in 2024

  • “Asked by host Jonathan Capehart on MSNBC’s “The Sunday Show” whether an official announcement will be made soon on a Biden-Harris 2024 ticket, Jean-Pierre coyly replied that she can’t talk about politics because she’s limited by the HATCH Act, but “what I can say is repeat what the president has said many times is that he intends to run. And I leave it there.”

The Wall Street Journal: Republican Sen. Tim Scott Prepares for Presidential Run

  • “South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott is taking steps to run for president, people familiar with his plans said, adding to the stable of Republicans looking to wrest the party mantle from former President Donald Trump.”

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