The NFL is Selling Obamacare?

Whenever President Obama is in a bind, he turns to his celebrity supporters. They prop him up when he’s wavering and help remind everyone how “cool” he is and that he’s part of their team. With Obamacare implementation due to begin this fall, our government is bringing in the National Football League and its stars to bolster enrollment in the unpopular program. 

The marketing blitz for Obamacare enrollment, due to begin this summer, will tout the so-called benefits of the program. Why involve the NFL? “Because they see health promotion as one of the things that is good for them and good for the country,” Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Kathleen Sebelius said. It seems that they may also be considering advertising with major-league baseball and the NBA to help the highly-unpopular plan gain membership. 

If it seems strange to you that HHS would need to advertise, consider how much they need young healthy participants in the system. Obamacare will be accepting millions of unhealthy Americans who require a great deal of expensive care, so they are hoping to attract 2.7 million people aged 18-35 to defray the cost. Typical of our out-of-touch government to use celebrity millionaires to ask everyday Americans to sign up for something they can’t afford. After all, it’s neither the government nor the wealthy who are going to get hit in the pocketbook by Obamacare. 

Recent studies have shown that the financial burden of Obamacare will fall disproportionately onto the poor. The Ohio Department of Insurance stated that individual premiums will likely jump by up to 88%, as “consumers have fewer choices and pay much higher premiums for their health insurance starting in 2014.” In relation to income, this is going to be much more expensive for those making less money, but HHS has it being sold by millionaires? Just as with every other aspect of Obamacare, this just doesn’t add up.  


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