Three Quarters of Americans Believe Washington Spends Too Much

A new poll by Reason shows that the American public is fed up with the spending spree in Washington and does not want the debt-ceiling increased. Seventy-six percent of the American public believe that the government is spending too much money.  Washington as a whole, and liberals in particular will surely ignore these facts during the looming budget battles.

The media will try to peg the “stop the spending” crowd as nothing more than a fringe group of “crazy Tea Partiers”, but in reality, more than three-quarters of our countrymen believe that Washington needs to stop gorging itself at the trough.

The coalition of Americans who don’t want to see the debt-ceiling raised is equally impressive. 

“With the federal government expected to hit its debt limit in mid-October, 70 percent of Americans oppose raising the debt ceiling, the latest Reason-Rupe poll finds. In fact, 55 percent of Americans say they do not support raising the debt ceiling even if it causes the U.S. to default on its debt.

If equal spending cuts accompany an increase in the debt ceiling, 45 percent say they’d support raising it and 46 percent would oppose.”

We heard from many in Congress and the media during the sequester debate that making drastic cuts to the federal budget would be disastrous and something that the public wouldn’t support, but this new Reason poll proves the opposite is true. Respondents told pollsters they believed the federal government wastes a whopping 60 cents of every dollar and proposed a 30 percent across the board spending cut. According to the poll, if  their Congressman does not share their view on spending cuts, 64 percent of Americans would classify that member of Congress as “extreme.”

Rick Santelli warned Congress again today not to raise the debt ceiling.  Will they listen?  Will the liberal media? 

The American public is clear: call in the butcher, it’s time to cut the pork.