The Top 10 Reasons Why the McConnell-Schumer Spending Bill is a Bad Deal

  1. The bill would blatantly disregard the Budget Control Act (BCA) of 2011 that requires Congress to adhere to budget caps – This bill goes above and beyond, busting the caps by nearly $300 billion over two years, more than twice that of the past two, two-year deals combined

  2. Because the bill would bust spending caps (again), it would likely return us to Obama-era trillion dollar yearly deficits, and grow the national debt by $1.5 trillion over the next decade

  3. It would suspend the debt limit through 2018 without spending cuts, essentially giving Treasury a blank check for borrowing

  4. The bill is another “kick the can down the road” budget deal that puts off the issue of real spending reform, and loses the trust of hard working Americans by endangering taxpayers

  5. Between the caps and off-budget spending in the overseas contingency operations fund, military spending for FY 2018 would exceed the amount the president requested for this fiscal year by nearly $100 billion, at a time when there are documented accounts of missing money and waste at the Pentagon

  6. One provision of the bill, buried deep in the text, would kill any hope of budget reconciliation, by requiring that absent Congress passing a budget resolution by April 15th, one would be deemed for FY 2019. A tool used to help pass historic tax reform, reconciliation is needed to keep Republicans’ campaign promises to repeal ObamaCare and reform welfare

  7. The bill threatens the chances of reforming agriculture policy in the upcoming Farm Bill

  8. The bill contains corporate welfare including tax giveaways to special interests like Puerto Rican rum distillers, “green energy,” motorsports, and Hollywood productions

  9. The bill would create yet another committee to deal with Congress’ fiscal dysfunction, that can be all but guaranteed to be dysfunctional in and of itself

  10. The deal would ultimately mean that while Republicans have the majority, they don’t have real control of Congress, and true fiscal conservatives are nearly extinct