Top ObamaCare Horror Stories

Here at FreedomWorks, we strongly support repealing ObamaCare. Now, as I’m sure you know, some will falsely claim that it’s because we’re cruel or we don’t care about poor people or all kinds of crazy theories. The truth, however, is that we oppose ObamaCare because it is hurting people.

Here are some of their stories:

1. A 26-year old woman is struggling to pay for her health care costs due to ObamaCare.

Here is a letter she wrote:

My name is Ashley Dionne and I’m a 26-year-old recent graduate from Michigan.

The phony Obamacare signup poster boy made me want to send a message about how Obamacare is really affecting people.

I graduated from The University of Michigan in 2009. In my state, this used to mean something, but even with a bachelor’s I was told I was too educated and wouldn’t stay. I watched as kids with GEDs and high school diploma’s took the low-paying jobs for which I applied.

I went back to school and got a second degree and finally found work at a gym. I work nights and only get 32 hours a week for eight dollars an hour. I’m unable to find a second job at this time.

I have asthma, ulcers, and mild cerebral palsy. Obamacare takes my monthly rate from $75 a month for full coverage on my “Young Adult Plan,” to $319 a month. After $6,000 in deductibles, of course.

Liberals claimed this law would help the poor. I am the poor, the working poor, and I can’t afford to support myself, let alone older generations and people not willing to work at all. This law has raped my future.

It will keep me and kids my age from having a future at all.

This is the real face of Obamacare and it isn’t pretty.

2. Just minutes before chemo, a pastor diagnosed with stage three cancer of the esophagus was told that his treatment would not be covered.


He says: there’s "no compassion in the Affordable Care Act."

A local WHO-IA reporter says:

"Over the past two months, the Angrans have emptied their savings account and racked up $50,000 in debt. They signed up for the Affordable Care Act but found it to be anything but affordable. It will cost the couple more than $800 per month, money they just don’t have."

3. An elderly woman was informed that her new plan would not be covering her cancer-related treatments after the fact.

She lost her Blue Cross/Blue Shield insurance that she had for nearly 20 years that covered her treatments because of ObamaCare. She had a headache signing up on the ObamaCare exchange but eventually did. The enrollment agent assured her that her treatments would be covered 100% but she had no other confirmation.

Until she realized that she owed $14,000.

Her son wrote in the Wall Street Journal, “Obamacare made my mother’s old plan illegal, and it forced her to buy a new plan that would accelerate her disease and death…The ‘Affordable’ Care Act is a brutal, Procrustean disaster.”

4. Man with leukemia loses his health insurance because of ObamaCare.

Michael Cerpok has diagnosed with leukemia that requires lifetime treatment in 2006. He chose an insurance plan based on his family history of cancer.

Unfortunately, due to ObamaCare, his insurance plan was cancelled.

He says:

“Now it doesn’t mean I can’t go see my current doctor, but my $4,500 out-of-pocket, is going to turn into a minimum of $26,000 out-of-pocket to see the doctor that I’ve been seeing the last seven years.”

5. Woman lost her job a year before she was eligible for retirement benefits and cannot afford health insurance.

She writes:

I lost my job and my medical insurance one year before I was eligible for retirement benefits. My husband has a monthly retirement benefit but no medical. We are both 59 years old and in great health but based on our age our medical insurance premiums are at the highest. Our total income is 4000.00 a month after taxes and our insurance premium is 1050.00 a month for a high deductible policy. We are paying 1/4 of our income monthly to cover catastrophic insurance! We are rapidly running through our savings to pay the premiums, we can’t afford to go to the doctors anymore. I was so hopeful that Obamacare would be fair but it is extended welfare that has hurt my family.

As a consequence of ObamaCare, many people have lost their health care coverage and can’t afford to buy health insurance. Others have been moved from full-time to part-time work. Entrepreneurs can’t afford to hire new people. These are the reasons that we support repealing ObamaCare and moving towards patient-center market-based health care.