Toward Regulatory Reform

President Obama recently released an op-ed article in the Wall Street Journal entitled, “Toward a 21st-Century Regulatory System”.  This article contained a myriad of policy advancements culminating in an executive order aimed at reducing the potentially onerous regulatory encroachments of the ever indulging bureaucracy (my words, not his of course).  One could only hope he would start with Obamacare.

However, House Republicans have embarked on what seems to be the colossal task of curbing recently enacted expansive and draconian regulations.  Especially located within the crosshairs (sorry, civility police) of the Republicans is the Environmental Protection Agency, which continues to flex its regulatory muscle.  As the Washington Examiner shows:

“The Republican-led House this week will push through legislation aimed at making government rules and regulations less burdensome for business, setting up a standoff with President Obama over some of his key initiatives, including the new health care law, and testing Obama’s efforts to appear more business friendly. The House measure, scheduled for a vote Thursday, would require committees “to inventory and review existing, pending, and proposed regulations” and the rules’ effect on jobs and economic growth.”

Republicans deserve credit for tackling the issue of our burdensome and hazardous regulatory environment.  Republicans declared during the election that they would remain vigilant in attempts at reducing regulations and certainly are following through on their promise.

Judging by President Obama’s recent article on regulation, he should embrace these reforms as well.