Union Hijacking (by other unions)

(As if we didn’t have a clue,) Steven Greenhouse has exposed unions’ true colors in today’s NY Times. It’s a disturbing piece that screams irony.

So caught up in their never-ending quest for union boss power, the power struggle is now between and within unions themselves. As a result unions are using funds to battle one another instead of the usual suspects, big bad wolves corporate America and fiscal conservatives.

Greenhouse so pointedly makes note,

“With their allies controlling the White House and Congress, the nation’s labor unions should be making hay. Instead many unions are making war–largely with one another–in the biggest, nastiest surge of labor fratricide in decades.”

Labor’s No. 1 legislative goal, as Greenhouse writes, is the card check bill–also known as the “Employee Free Choice Act.” Last February FreedomWorks own Rob Jordan listed the top 10 reasons to reject card check. However, given labor unions’ ineptness, it might come as no surprise when they engineer their own demise. Bitter dissension and rivalry among organizations of labor’s top dogs is making such possibilities as passing pro-union legislation (tops of the agenda include: universal health coverage, further stimulus plans, immigration reforms and the card check) and organizing millions more workers to reverse labor’s long decline extremely difficult.

Instead, they have made a mockery of it. The scope of the struggle goes beyond unions jockeying for power. Greenhouse writes,

“The feuding has taken many forms: intraunion, between unions and by several unions joining forces against another union.”

Can you imagine these power suckers with a card check? Talk about abuse…