Urgent Action Needed in South Carolina School Choice Fight

State Representative Jenny Horne (R-94) is standing with the education establishment to block school choice.

With all the evidence that South Carolina’s public school system is badly in need of reform, why is Rep. Jenny Horne standing in the way of school choice? Rather than support H.4894, a school choice bill that would benefit her constituents in Charleston and Dorchester counties, Rep. Horne is attempting to delay a vote on H.4894 in a blatant and cynical maneuver to kill this much-needed legislation.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time Rep. Horne has blocked meaningful education reform.

Rep. Horne has professed to support school choice, but her actual record shows that she votes against it at every opportunity. Just last year, she crossed the aisle and voted against the Republicans in her own caucus to kill another school choice bill.

Now Rep. Horne standing with the education establishment AGAIN to block reform!

Please TAKE ACTION by calling Representative Horne and asking her to support H.4894 by letting a vote for school choice take place: (843) 412 8420 or (803) 212-6871

Tell her: “School Choice is the Right Choice!”