Urgent Call to Action: Pennsylvania School Choice Vote Tuesday

PODCAST: Pennsylvania School Choice Update!

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We can achieve school choice this year, but the time for Pennsylvania voters to make their voices heard in Harrisburg is RIGHT NOW.

On Tuesday, the Pennsylvania Senate Education Committee is set to vote on an amended version of SB1 that is being sponsored by Senators Piccola and Williams. If it passes out of committee, SB1 is expected to come up for a floor vote in the full Senate on Wednesday, October 26th.

This bill will finally put parents and students in charge of Pennsylvania’s education system by expanding the Educational Improvement Tax Credit program and instituting Opportunity Scholarships for students trapped in failing schools.

Please TAKE ACTION and help FreedomWorks win the battle for school choice by contacting the key undecided legislators listed below and asking them to vote YES on SB1.


Jane Earll 717-787-8927 jearll@pasen.gov

Mary Jo White 717-787-9684 mwhite@pasen.gov

John Gordner 717-787-8928 jgordner@pasen.gov

Gene Yaw 717-787-3280 gyaw@pasen.gov

Elder Vogel 717-787-3076 evogel@pasen.gov

Pat Vance 717-787-8524 vance@pasen.gov


Michael J. Stack 717-787-9608 stack@pasenate.com

Shirley M. Kitchen 717-787-6735 kitchen@pasenate.com

Lawrence M. Farnese Jr. 717-787-5662 lfarnese@pasenate.com

Lisa Boscola 717-787-4236 boscola@pasenate.com

John Yudichak 717-787-7105 yudichak@pasenate.com

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