URGENT: ‘Defund ObamaCare’ Vote Monday, March 11!

Urgent Alert! 

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FreedomWorks has learned that the US Senate will to vote on the Cruz amendment to DEFUND OBAMACARE as soon as Monday, March 11th. 

Offered by Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), this amendment — strongly supported by Senators Mike Lee (R-UT), Rand Paul (R-KY), and Marco Rubio (R-FL) — would prohibit any funds in the FY 2013 continuing resolution (H.R. 933, also called “the CR”) from being used to implement the ongoing government health care takeover.

The CR would appropriate funds for about one-third of federal programs, currently scheduled to expire on March 27th. The bill would renew those programs’ funding, at current levels, through September 30th. The CR passed the House on March 6th and will come up in the Senate on Monday, March 11th. 

Passing the Cruz amendment is a top priority for the grassroots freedom movement. 

If the Cruz amendment is enacted, the Administration will be forced to delay the costly and unpopular health care law. Even if the president were to veto the bill, he would be forced to negotiate with Congress — forced to choose between continued implementation of ObamaCare or a partial government shutdown.

At a time of economic and fiscal disasters, America simply can’t afford the president’s health care law. 

ObamaCare should really be called the Unaffordable Care Act, because projections show it’s unaffordable for businesses, unaffordable for states, unaffordable employees and employers, unaffordable for doctors and hospitals, and – worst of all – unaffordable for patients. It’s also unaffordable for taxpayers, as we complete our fourth year of trillion-dollar deficits, and unaffordable for the unemployed, as we enter our sixth year of economic malaise. ObamaCare is driving up premiums, forcing millions of full-time workers into part-time positions, and causing millions of employers to consider dropping health benefits altogether. It will blow a trillion-dollar hole in the deficit. Right now, this law is simply unaffordable.

At a minimum, implementation of ObamaCare should cease until the economy recovers and the Senate does its job and passes a budget that shows how on earth we’re going to pay for this massive new entitlement.

FreedomWorks is urging every Senator to vote “YES” on the Cruz amendment to H.R. 933.

We will be posting additional information over the next 48 hours.

TAKE ACTION: Tell your Senators NOW to Vote YES to Defund ObamaCare.

Also, please take a moment to share this time-sensitive information with your friends and neighbors.

Let’s defund ObamaCare now! 

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