Girls Gotta Read Ep. 13: Free Birth, Big Tobacco, & The Law Perverted!

Just in time for Tax Day, the girls discuss Frederic Bastiat’s premier work, The Law. Bastiat wrote this book as an emergency plea against statism, which he recognized as the most pressing threat to the “life, liberty, and property” of the individual. What is the purpose of the law, what happens when law becomes perverted, and how should those in power prevent this perversion? These are key questions that Bastiat answers with the eloquence, urgency, and intensity necessary to properly address the problems that were afflicting the French Second Republic at the time of publication.

Listen to learn more about The Law and how our own government would do well to heed the message that Bastiat laid out so wisely all those years ago.

Girls Gotta Read is a Liberty focused book club for people from all walks of life! Tune in each Monday for a new podcast episode and comment below.

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