Voter Fraud: The Biden Family Edition

You’ll find plenty of Democrats who say that cleaning voter rolls of felons and the dead is unfair because it may disenfranchise people from voting (they count on that graveyard vote to win close races) and they are the first to stand up and say that voter fraud isn’t really a problem anyway. Well, it seems that the Vice President’s niece may be an example of why that isn’t true.

During the election, Vice President Joe Biden’s niece worked for a time on Barack Obama’s campaign in New Hampshire. Not being from the state it would make sense that she wouldn’t vote there on Election Day, instead voting absentee back home. Oh, but that’s not the case.

On Election Day Alana Biden swore in an affidavit that she lived in Manchester in order to vote in the Granite State, something that doesn’t seem uncommon for Democrat campaign staffers in New Hampshire.

From WMUR in New Hampshire:

State Sen. Martha Fuller Clark, D-District 21, has eight people registered to vote under her single-family address in Portsmouth. Several of them came to New Hampshire to work on campaigns for various periods of time and voted in elections before moving on.

When asked about the legitimacy of their domicile status, Clark said:

“By and large, the young people who stayed with me were committed to New Hampshire, but given their age, whether they intended to stay is impossible to predict.”

After Election Day Alana Biden promptly packed up and moved to New York. That doesn’t seem like the behavior of a New Hampshire state resident now does it?

Unfortunately, it seems that the voting laws in the Granite State are pretty lax when it comes to voting eligibility. “Deputy Secretary of State Dave Scanlan said that in theory, a person could move into the state a day before an election, establish domicile in the state, vote and then leave the next day.”

No potential for voter fraud there.

Scanlan continues, “In large part, you have to rely on the trustworthiness of individuals to do the right thing when you’re voting. We know that doesn’t always happen.”

Next time a Democrat tells you voter fraud doesn’t happen, tell them to give the Vice President’s niece a call.

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