Voter Intimidation in Dallas Texas

Despite what the media would have you believe, voter fraud and intimidation is often used as a tool by the Democratic Party machine. Last night I was tipped off to a disturbing incident, which occurred in Dallas, Texas. I assure you this is not an isolated case. 

Bishop John Lawson is running for State Senate in district 23, in south Dallas, a liberal stronghold.  It is the first time in twenty years that a republican has challenged for that seat. Last Thursday, Mr. Lawson’s twenty-year-old daughter, (who respectfully requested that I not use her first name) went to vote for the first time in her life. Upon her arrival to the polling station she was assigned a supervisor to ‘assist’ her in casting her ballot. This by itself is a violation of state and federal election laws, but Ms. Lawson, being young and inexperienced had no knowledge that this practice was out of the ordinary. 

According to Ms. Lawson as she was in the process of scrolling through the candidates and making her selections, the “Supervisor”, a woman by the name of Vanetta Nelson, was standing over her private voting booth.  Upon realizing that Lawson was voting a straight republican ticket, she reportedly questioned Ms. Lawson, telling her she had done it wrong. “I had never voted before, this was my first time, of course I was intimidated” says Lawson. Then, to her dismay, Nelson began reaching into the polling booth and changing her selections to democrats. Lawson attempted to protest and change her ballot, but at some point both Lawson and Nelson hit the “Cast Ballot” button.  It is unclear how altered the ballot was when it was cast. 

I spoke with Bishop Lawson and his daughter this afternoon. This incident has been reported to the proper authorities and will be investigated. I asked Ms. Lawson if she saw anyone else with a “supervisor” assigned to watch over his or her ballot; she did not. We concluded that it is likely that the polling officials recognized her name and knew she was a republican.  John Lawson is an African-American republican, running for state senate in a heavily democratic district. Needless to say he has a certain level of local name recognition. 

This brazen and callous behavior is deeply disturbing. Are poll workers targeting young first time voters to intimidate? Are they targeting likely republicans? It appears so. I will continue to track this story and report back with an update. 

Tomorrow is Election Day, we must be watchful and ensure the integrity of the election. If you see something; say something, and report fraud and abuse to the proper authorities.