Voters Rank Energy Policy over Environmental Policy

When you cast your ballot next week, will you be more concerned with the candidates’ positions on energy or the environment? A recent poll shows that most American voters are more concerned with energy policy than environmental policy when it comes to selecting a candidate for whom to vote. 

The poll asked respondents about the importance of ten policy areas. While 77% said that energy policy was either important or very important, only 67% ranked environmental policy as such. The study found that “among the policy areas tested, environmental policy appears to be the least influential over Americans’ likely presidential choice.” Of these ten areas, energy policy ranked sixth overall. 

Partly, this is because of the far-reaching implications of energy policy. “Even after the election is over, energy will remain an important subject for Americans because it is also central to so many other policies, especially economic, jobs and environmental policies,” says Harris Interactive Vice President and Senior Consultant Sarah Simmons. “In addition, energy pricing has a significant impact on families – whether it is in the prices they pay at the pump OR in the impact energy prices have on the ability of large and small businesses to increase the workforce. This unique role that energy plays in our nation’s economic health and our way of life will continue to keep the issues on the front burner.”

With mere days until the election, candidates might want to make sure they are emphasizing energy policy to get their message out to potential voters. With such tight races across the country, this might be just the wedge issue to get swing voters to cast their ballots.