Voters Trending Conservative – “Because Obama!”

 A video produced by the comedy group Second City Network suggests that “Because Obama” may be losing its credibility as an excuse for government action.

The cause, organized by what the video portrayed as the “Americans for Whatever Barack Obama Wants Did You Know He was Friends with Jay Z?” group, aims to fundraise $1.6 trillion to support the President’s effort to begin World War III – in addition, as one of the video’s actors puts it, to “World War IV, and any moon war the President may want to start.”

“We can make World War III reality,” they say. “Why? Because Obama!”

The video is illustrative of a broader trend revealed by FreedomWorks in a 23-page report released last week that reflects waning support for the President’s agenda among the Millennials who voted for the President when he first ran in 2008.

According to the report, just 24 percent of 25-32 year olds support a larger government that would provide more services at a higher cost. Though this does not translate into equally significant disapproval of the President among the age group, a majority does disapprove of his performance at a margin of 47 to 45 percent.

In 2008, Obama made history by obtaining 66 percent of the under-30 vote – the largest percentage of any presidential candidate since exit polling began in 1972.

“Remember, when we voted for him in 2008 and 2012, we promised to support him no matter what!” the World War III campaign’s youthful activists remind their viewers. “There is no way that he or the cabal of corporate interests, spy agencies, and shadow bankers that tell him what to do would ever mislead us!”

That’s a pretty accurate depiction of diehard Obama fans, but FreedomWorks’ numbers show that a majority of Americans are not convinced that the cabal of special interests behind the President’s agenda really have good intentions.

Gallup found as recently as May 2013 that just 54 percent of Americans thought the federal government had too much power to 36 percent who thought it had the right amount and 8 percent who thought it had too little. After the targeting of individual groups by the IRS and the disclosures over the summer that NSA officials had lied to Congress about spying on Americans, those numbers had changed pretty substantially, according to FreedomWorks’ report. Today, 61 percent of Americans now believe the federal government has too much power to 30 percent who believe it has the right amount and 5 percent who believe it doesn’t have enough.

Even for the 95 percent of Americans who believe the government doesn’t need more power, proponents of World War III in the video point out another benefit that a global conflict would have to offer: “How good will Michelle’s arms look in sleeveless army fatigues?”

Yet in all seriousness, “Because Obama!” is becoming the best description of why voters are losing their confidence in the good intentions of an overpowered government. As Second City’s video implies, the arguments in favor of a more intrusive government are going to become less convincing as more Americans continue to realize how Obama’s policies have adversely affected them.

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