“Waiting for Superman”, an “Inconvienient Truth”

“Waiting for Superman”, an “Inconvenient Truth”

The truth hurts, sometimes the truth is so “Inconvenient” and Hollywood is having none of the truth.  Last night the groundbreaking, jaw dropping devastatingly sad and absolutely truthful film “Waiting for Superman”, directed by Davis Guggenheim (the liberal director of “An Inconvenient Truth”) was not nominated for an Oscar.  Five gripping documentaries were nominated for the big prize; they included: Restrepo, Inside Job, Waste Land, Exit Through the Gift Shop and Gasland.  All of these gripping documentaries were worthy of nomination, and of course the winner is always subjective; by the way the winner was “inside Job” (rich people bad, government good). 

With the announcement of these nominations, the Teacher’s Unions breathed a collective sigh of relief, knowing that their ability to maintain their status quo of a slow destruction of our nation’s children remained intact.   At the same time the freedom fighting, patriots who are fighting for choice, competition, quality and transparency in concern to the education of American children were outraged and shocked.

In fact so many Americans were blown away by the Academy’s snub that the liberal left leaning media outlets went straight to work, immediately “going guns” in an effort to defend the Academy’s politically transparent omission.  In fact just today, Valerie Strauss of the Washington Post wrote: “The snub to Davis Guggenheim’s tendentious film was well-deserved, given that classic documentaries are factual and straightforward, and don’t, as did “Superman,” fake scenes for emotional impact”.  Really?

Editor in Chief of Big Hollywood, John Nolte captured the left’s denial of the hard truth that is confronting our children quite well in his recent blog.  No Surprise: ‘Waiting for Superman’ Snubbed By Oscar He writes: “Superman” is both a Road to Damascus moment for its creator, a liberal who won the Academy-Award for directing Al Gore’s Global Warming nonsense “An Inconvenient Truth,” and a stake in the heart of the borderline racist myths perpetuated by teachers unions, the Democratic politicians beholden to them, and a media unwilling to upset that cozy narrative even as millions of impoverished inner-city kids are doomed to failure year in and year out. Going in with one set of beliefs and coming out with another, Guggenheim discovered and had the moral courage to tell the world that in schools free from the appalling manipulations of astonishingly selfish teachers unions, poor, black children can learn. Someone just has to give enough of a damn to worry about the fate of innocent children more than how much they’re being overpaid to fail.”

With all this said, what is truly crazy about the Union loving Academy’s snub, and simultaneously what makes “Waiting for Superman” so powerful is the very fact that a bona fide left leaning liberal made this documentary film.  A Liberal film maker and Hollywood insider is appalled by the state of our nation’s public school system, and even he understands that our children can no longer sustain this attack.  For Big Hollywood, “Waiting for Superman” is just one big, fat “Inconvenient Truth.”