We Are So Close In South Carolina School Choice Fight

On Tuesday, South Carolina’s Senate Finance Committee voted YES on H.4894, moving school choice to a final vote on the Senate floor.

We’re one step away from finally putting South Carolina students and parents in control of education!

By helping families send children to the school of their choice, H.4894 will create competition between schools and produce better education outcomes for everyone.

But we haven’t won yet.

At this final stage it’s more important than ever for your Senator to hear from you. Please watch the video below that details the fight for school choice in South Carolina, then, if you agree this battle must be won, please email the video to your senator and ask them to join you in supporting H.4894.
Please also take a moment to call your Senator’s office and ask them to stand with South Carolina families by voting YES on school choice bill H.4894.

The time to act is now! The Senate holds the key, it’s up to us to hold them accountable.