The Weekly Fix: It Pays to Waste Taxpayer Money

The fix is in. Did you know, the four richest counties in the United States (and nine of the top 20) are all suburbs of Washington, D.C.? Loudoun County, Virginia takes the #1 spot with a median household income of $125,900. That is more than double the median household income for the entire country.

While small businesses are struggling to make ends meet, Washington, D.C. is a boomtown for the politically connected. Every year, hundreds of Capitol Hill staffers and members of Congress leave their jobs to make a fortune selling influence on K Street.

Fifty special interest groups spent more than $716 million to lobby the federal government in 2016. American taxpayers paid $3.27 trillion to fund the federal government, while top lobbyists got paid $2.6 billion telling Congress how to spend it.

Without a doubt, the biggest transfer of wealth in our country is from American families to the pockets of special interest groups. The American people aren’t being heard by their government because the game is rigged. Washington isn’t broken. It’s “fixed.”