What can tax cuts do for you?

Cesar Conda, a FreedomWorks fellow, has a great article up on National Review.  He talks about the 2003 capital-gains tax cut, dividend tax reduction, and how the GOP has failed to portray the message of a booming economy to the voters.

By increasing after-tax rewards for saving and investing, the 2003 tax-rate cuts worked precisely as advertised. Since May 2003, the U.S. economy has expanded by a quarterly average of 3.7 percent (annualized) and has added 6.6 million new jobs. As of the close of the markets on Monday this week, a total of $5.7 trillion in new shareholder wealth has been created since the tax-cut agreement was reached on May 20, 2003. Total dividend and share repurchases increased an astonishing 123 percent to over $600 billion for the 12-month period ended in June. Total household net worth is up $14.4 trillion, or 37 percent, since the tax cut.

Just one more example of how tax cuts benefit every American and keep the U.S. economy growing.

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