Why the Ex-Im Bank Must Die, Expressed in Parks and Rec GIFs

The United States Export-Import Bank is a corporate welfare program that gives taxpayer-backed loans and subsidies to some of the country’s largest corporations, like Boeing and General Electric, that are already…


The Ex-Im Bank also gives loans to foreign companies, even blatantly corrupt ones like Abengoa, and special interest green energy projects like Solyndra.


The Ex-Im Bank was founded 80 years ago as part of FDR’s failed New Deal during the Great Depression. Why do we still need it today?


Now Congress is talking about reauthorizing the bank for another five years.


Even though Obama himself said that the Bank was "little more than a fund for corporate welfare" in 2008.


Your tax dollars shouldn’t go towards propping up corrupt companies that don’t need the money anyway.


This is America. Companies should compete on a level playing field, not get special handouts from the government.


So, what do you tell your congressman if they try to vote for Ex-Im reauthorization?


That’s right.

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