Why Republican Governors Should Oppose State Exchanges

ObamaCare needs to go, and FreedomWorks has a Five Point Plan for Full Repeal. One of best ways states can stop ObamaCare’s unprecedented intrusion into the lives and pockets of their citizens is to block the creation of health care exchanges.

An exchange is a government-run “marketplace” for obtaining health insurance. The new system can’t operate in those states that don’t set up an exchange. (This is true even if the federal government comes in and sets up an exchange because the state failed or declined to do so.) We must fight to stop the exchange in every state where one doesn’t yet exist, and dismantle the exchange in any state that has one or is trying to create one. 

In order to encourage governors to block exchanges in their states, FreedomWorks drafted a memo explaining the drawbacks of exchanges, and why its best for states to not allow ObamaCare to take over. You can download and read a copy of that memo here

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