Will Congress Let the Lights Go Out?

In September, the House of Representatives heeded calls from tens of thousands of grassroots activists and passed the TRAIN Act, which curbs the power of unelected EPA bureaucrats who are destroying jobs all over the country. Unfortunately, this desperately-needed legislation has stalled in the Democrat-controlled Senate.

Make no mistake: If the Senate fails to act, the economic consequences will be devastating. Over the next few years, the EPA’s anti-jobs agenda will directly threaten more than 11.5 million workers and negatively impact every American through skyrocketing energy costs.

Of course, that’s assuming the lights turn on at all.

Unless the Senate acts to rein in the EPA, America could begin experiencing rolling blackouts and brownouts as soon as next summer.

Please TAKE ACTION TODAY by contacting your Senator and asking them to support the House-passed TRAIN Act. Let them know that it’s in their power to help prevent the massive job losses, higher energy costs and rolling blackouts looming in our future.

Let them know that America deserves better.

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