Wisconsinite to head House Budget Committee?

Paul Ryan is going to try.

From the Racine Journal-Times: 

“The chairmanship would be a big step for the four-term congressman, who would run against two more senior representatives if all three are re-elected in November and Republicans retain control of the House.

But it’s also not out of the question. Ryan, 36, is regarded as a fiscal conservative looking to rein in congressional spending. He was one of the leaders on an effort to overhaul Social Security and is currently pushing a presidential line-item veto that could reduce spending (emphasis added).”

In just eight short years, Mr. Ryan has shown his command of the issues and leadership on fiscal matters.  He is in a class of legislators in Washington that have the potential to change American’s perception of politicians and how they view the role of government in their lives.  Good luck, Mr. Ryan.