Youth Bail on Obama While Misery Index Increases

President Obama continues to lose the youth’s support-and fast. Just a few months ago, Harvard released a poll showing that 57% of Millennials disapproved of ObamaCare. That same poll showed that 54% of Americans from ages 18-29 disapproved of Obama, while only 41% approved. These statistics aren’t all that surprising, as Obama has made things extremely hard for the average millennial in his first 5 years. Student loan debt, job availability, ObamaCare and the overall national debt have crippled America’s youth.

Since that poll, things have only gone downhill. Last month, an official report showed that youth participation within ObamaCare enrollment had been extremely low. Experts have also predicted that Obama’s national minimum wage increase hurts young workers.

If things couldn’t get worse for President Obama, The Young America’s Foundation (YAF) released a poll which reported the “Youth Misery Index” has increased 18.1% under Obama.

As a member of America’s youth, I can stand with their report. The snowballing student debt and youth unemployment (which is at 16.3%) are constant stressors for America’s youth, and it has gotten increasingly worse under Obama. My generation will also be forced to pay off our nation’s massive debt, created by Obama’s unwillingness to work with Republicans and the constant gridlock in Congress. In fact, each person in the U.S. would have to pay about $53,000 dollars to pay off the national debt. As for the student debt, it looks just as ugly. The “average graduating debt” is currently at $29,400. These numbers have dramatically increased since Obama took office, are at record highs and are only getting worse.

Obama’s promises of “Hope and Change” as well as his constant assurances in 2008 and 2012 for employed youth and lesser debt have frustrated many. Despite the youth showing unwavering support for Obama in the past few elections, things should be different in 2014 and 2016.

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