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111 K Street NE
Suite 600
Washington, DC 20002

  • Toll Free 1.888.564.6273
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About FreedomWorks

Our Founding Fathers risked everything in the battle for independence. They created a new form of government and a Constitution to safeguard our freedoms. Over subsequent years, ground was lost to those with a different vision. Advocates for bigger government and less freedom successfully enacted ideas that have extended government's reach into more and more aspects of our daily lives. Some individuals responded to that challenge by establishing academic centers and think tanks that have done much to shape the debate.

FreedomWorks moves beyond the policy community to educate and mobilize volunteers across America on issues of economic freedom. The organization promotes economic liberty by strategically engaging our members in the political process, and we identify and mobilize constituencies that can benefit from policies that advance or preserve economic freedom. Demonstrating the power of free markets through research, analysis, and the experiences of people allows FreedomWorks to increase policymakers' and individuals' understanding of how economic freedom solves everyday problems.

Citizen activism has always been a vital part of FreedomWorks' mission. In the past few years, FreedomWorks focused the organization's energy on systematically building a permanent and sustainable army of volunteer citizen activists, dedicated to the vision of our Founding Fathers and willing to make their voices heard in the battle for economic freedom.

Highlights of Internship

As an intern for FreedomWorks, you may have the opportunity to monitor hearings and press conferences on Capitol Hill and at the White House. You may also attend conferences and seminars, conduct research on economic policy topics, assist with grassroots events and mobilization efforts, assist with various publications, in addition to providing general office support to the staff. What you do while here depends on the department you work for. You may also receive training on computer software to help you prepare reports and correspondence. Internships are limited in number. Interns gain valuable experience and make career contacts. You may also be able to earn academic credit from your college or university. Work hours and issue areas are flexible. Your experience and assignments will vary based on the area you are interested in within FreedomWorks.

We look for interns who:

  • Are interested in and have a strong commitment to free market ideas and public policy
  • Have a basic knowledge of computer software such as Microsoft Office
  • Are eager to assist in turning ideas generated by think tanks into action

Location and Transportation

We are conveniently located on Capitol Hill, just steps from the Capitol and Senate Buildings. Our office is across the street from Union Station on the Red Line metro.


"My internship with FreedomWorks exceeded my highest expectations. As someone who enjoys fighting for liberty, I often spent whole workdays on activities that I’m used to doing in my free time. FreedomWorks’ brilliant and friendly staff went out of their way to cultivate my strengths and help me succeed. I was encouraged to make valuable connections, given control over many of my own projects and, best of all, had the satisfaction of knowing my work was having a tangible impact. I can’t remember a more informative or invigorating summer."
Ian Huyett, Summer Intern 2013

"During my FreedomWorks internship, I definitely learned more useful information than I would in my typical political science college classes. I’ve had the amazing experience to work with a bunch of like-minded individuals who have a passion for liberty. Working in the heart of the nation’s capital, I had the opportunity to meet some of my idols including Ron Paul, Rand Paul and Judge Napolitano. Upon graduation, I accepted a full time position at FreedomWorks and couldn’t be happier to fight for freedom!"
Julie Borowski, Policy Analyst at FreedomWorks, Spring Intern 2010

"FreedomWorks offered an incredible opportunity to intern in DC and understand the inner workings of government, policy, and campaigning. As a Campaigns Intern for FreedomWorks during the summer of 2010 I was given the opportunity to lead projects related to the legislative process, watch Congress debate bills, attend many events and meetings in and around DC, and make meaningful progress for free-market ideas. FreedomWorks' work environment is relaxing, fun and energetic. The staff gives plenty of autonomy for individual research projects and treats you as a part of the team. I cannot stress enough how incredible my summer was while interning for FreedomWorks and I am forever grateful for that opportunity."
Abraham Hamadeh, Summer Intern 2010