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Press Release

Background on State Implementation of the Global Warming Treaty; Radical Environmental Groups Push to Enact $35 Billion Energy T


On January 18, 2002, the Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission (TNRCC) is scheduled to consider a report containing staff recommendations for the actions associated with climate change. The action plan is in response to a petition by a coalition of environmental organizations seeking a reduction of CO2 and methane levels in Texas below 1990 levels.
Given the fact voluntary programs by Texas industries are already producing results - and those efforts will remain ongoing, we oppose the imposition of mandatory reduction measures at this time. Additionally, several of the written statements used to justify the need for the mandatory plan are inaccurate and misleading. For example:

The petitioners would have you believe a reduction of emissions in Texas will make a marked difference in greenhouse gas levels. This is not true. The International Panel on Climate Change predicts that 94 percent of all global CO2 emissions come from natural causes and are not man-made. If Texas contributes one-seventh of the U.S. man-made CO2 - as the petitioners claim - this is less than one-tenth of 1 percent of the global total.

The petitioners claim a buildup of gases in the atmosphere is causing the Earth to warm. There are many scientists who dispute that global warming is taking place at all. There has been no statistically meaningful long-term change in statewide summer or winter temperatures in Texas during the last 100 years.

The petitioners state "the United States is required to reduce emissions of carbon by 7 percent below 1990 levels during the period from 2008 to 2012." This misleading statement implies the United States must comply with the Kyoto Protocol on global warming. In fact, the Bush administration has refused to submit the treaty to the Senate for ratification and - even more telling - senators have voted 95-0 to oppose the treaty.
Other points:

It is inappropriate for a state agency to impose on Texas industries and families Kyoto-style mandates that have been rejected at the federal level.

As our fragile economy takes steps toward recovery it does not deserve a body blow of this magnitude. All projections indicate we will face a multi-billion dollar state budget shortfall in 2003, and each state agency must be cognizant of policies that would exacerbate that worrisome fiscal picture. The possible policy changes under consideration by the TNRCC would - if taken - have long- and short-term implications that would prove to be both far-reaching and adverse.

The TNRCC should refrain from implementing such regulations.
Kyoto is back - Your Help Needed

To: Texas CSE members and friends
RE: TNRCC studies implementation of Kyoto Protocol in Texas

Action Items:
1. Write a letter to TNRCC Chairman Huston - It's easy! Just click on CSE's Capitol Connect link. A personalized letter is already written for you and you may edit it if you choose. This will ONLY TAKE 5 MINUTES! Just CLICK HERE!

Note: once you fill out the short form with name and address, the program remembers you and the next time you send an e-mail from it your information is all there - well worth the couple of minutes to fill it out!

2. Call the three TNRCC Commissioners.

Robert J. Huston

Kathleen Hartnett White

R.B. "Ralph" Marquez

3. Call the Governor's office at 800-252-9600. This is the Citizens Opinion Hotline.


4. Mark your calendars for Thursday, January 18th. We do not yet have a place and time for the TNRCC meeting yet. but will let you know as soon as possible.

On January 18, the TNRCC will have a staff working committee meeting to discuss staff recommendations to implement Kyoto in the state of Texas. Although this is not an official hearing, we understand that the TNRCC will be receptive to private citizens who want to voice their concerns.

If you would like to attend the staff committee meeting and make your objections to implementation of the Kyoto Protocol in Texas heard, please contact me by replying to this e-mail.