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Press Release

    CSE Staff and Activists Earn Media Coverage


    CSE’s staff and activists earned significant television, radio, print, and Internet media coverage denouncing Judge Penfield Jackson’s conclusions of law in the U.S. Department of Justice’s case against the Microsoft Corporation.

    CSE Chairman Gray on PBS's Newshour

    "And if [innovation] is to be punished, that sends a terrible signal to the rest of Silicon Valley about investing in innovation and in research."

    -- CSE Chairman C. Boyden Gray, on PBS’s Newshour, April 3, 2000

    "[Assistant Attorney General] Joel Klein recently said that this decision ‘sets the ground rules for enforcement in the information age.’ If this is the future of antitrust enforcement, it will, without a doubt, stall the amazing pace of innovation, raise costs for consumers and threaten America’s leading position in the world’s technology marketplace."

    -- Florida CSE State Director Slade O’Brien, on Mid-Florida Public Radio, April 3, 2000

    FL CSE activist Jim Kallenger, with a reporter from the Orlando Sun-Sentinel

    "The government’s case is more about corporate welfare than protecting consumers. This lawsuit is the result of Microsoft’s competitors lobbying Washington to get what they were unable to accomplish in the marketplace – protection from tough competition from a successful rival. The fact that Microsoft’s competitors hailed the Judge’s opinion at the same time the market rejected it is clear evidence that they are acting in their own best interest."

    -- Erick Gustafson, on Conservative News Service, April 3, 2000

    The Washington Post
    National Journal’s TechDaily
    Associated Press TV
    PBS Newshour
    Business Week
    Los Angeles Times
    CNN Financial News
    WAKA-TV (CBS) Channel 8, Montgomery
    St. Petersburg Times
    WTVO-TV (ABC) Channel 17,Rockford
    WMAY-Radio, Springfield
    Rockford Register Star
    ABC-TV Channel 5, Des Moines
    WMVU-AM Radio, Nashua
    KEYE-TV (CBS), Austin
    NBC-TV, Tyler
    San Antonio Express-News
    KIRO-TV (CBS) Channel 7, Seattle