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Democrat Official Wishes Death to Children of Cruz Staffer

*Warning* Some language contained in this post may be found objectionable. While those of us at FreedomWorks do not approve of this language, we feel it is important to show how some elected officials choose to make matters of policy disagreements personal and elevate situations to an inappropriate level. We advise you to check and make sure your children aren’t reading this post over your shoulder.

Washington can be a vicious place despite whatever nonsense Nancy Pelosi tells you about our "post-partisan" President. There are lines you do not cross however, and one of those lines is attacking the children of a politician or their staff. For instance, you can criticize Barack Obama all you want (and we do a whole lot of that here), but attacking his two girls, Sasha and Malia is out of bounds. The same can be said for any other politician Republican or Democrat and the same goes for staffers.

Apparently Democratic official, Allan Brauer did not get that memo.

Brauer took to Twitter today to wish death upon the children of Ted Cruz staffer Amanda Carpenter.

Yeah, real classy there Allan. Oh but wait, there's more!

Wow. Just, wow.

Conservatives pushed back against Brauer for his disgusting and classless attacks and he complained about the outcry, apparently having no idea why people were mad at him.

This was just one response among many to Brauer, most of which were not this cordial. 

Allan Brauer is the Communications Chair for the Democratic Party of Sacramento, California. That's right, he's paid to communicate his party's message. Good job on that Allan.

Political reporter for Yahoo News, Chris Moody reached out to the Democratic Party of Sacramento for comment. Their response did little to amend the situation, calling Cruz a "fringe character" and failing to apologize for the comments from their party official.


After enough pressure was brought to bear, Brauer eventually apologized saying that he was "truly sorry." I'm not sure I believe him though, considering his long history of vitriolic and hateful remarks. 

Remind me again which party has the "war on women"? Stay classy Democrats. Stay classy.

Adam Halfacre

Couple of quick things. Sac dems say he was a volunteer, and I say was because they demanded his resignation, and hot it. Good riddance to this vermin.

Adam Halfacre


D Williams

We are beginning to make progress FINALLY! The Republicans finally listened (hope it lasts), Ted Cruz requested that every one get 5 people to go to DONTFUNDIT (dot) com and sign to defund this insanity so please gang, keep up the pressure. We CAN DO THIS.