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Press Release

Establishment Moderates McCain, Graham, Throw Support Behind Shane Osborn in Nebraska Primary

Originally Published in FreedomWorks For America on 4/14/14.

While Ben Sasse continues to rally the support of grassroots conservatives, Shane Osborn courts the DC professional political class

Washington, DC- Two prominent, big-government Senate Republicans are throwing their support behind Shane Osborn in the Nebraska primary, a move that will prove more of a curse than a blessing among fiscal conservatives and tea partiers across the state. Senators John McCain (AZ) and Lindsey Graham (SC) have expressed intentions to travel to Nebraska to raise money for the Osborn campaign, with both Senators donating from their own pockets to the cause.

“This is a continuation of the same concerns that conservatives and tea partiers have with Shane Osborn. Where do his allegiances truly lie?” commented Russ Walker, National Political Director of FreedomWorks for America. “Osborn has been quietly backed by Senator Mitch McConnell and his network of power brokers, and in turn, he refuses to criticize the Minority Leader in public. Now he is backed by ‘wacko bird’ tea party critic John McCain and NSA apologist Lindsey Graham. At this rate, Shane Osborn’s caucus in Washington would be a who’s who in beltway special interests and failed GOP management.”

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jmcdonald's picture

You guys really screwed up on this one. Many of the local tea party and grass roots activist are supporting Shane Osborn in Nebraska. Shane is the most liberty friendly candidate we have. Your own FreedomWorks people on the ground in Nebraska are angry and have really dealt a blow to your credibility within the state. The local conservative activist on the ground are with Shane Osborn. I used to be a huge fan of FreedomWorks but now am rethinking my support. Ben Sasse is weak on immigration, weak on gun rights and weak on liberty issues. I hope you reconsider.

Nancy Hicks's picture

So tell me why your candidate, currently Sasse, didn't support Fremont's people in their second vote to reduce illegal immigration in their city? He doesn't seem very interested in fighting illegal immigration in our state, why would he do it nationally! Just talks the talk, but not the walk.

stonestone's picture
stone stone

Oh boy, another article of the same kind: Might as well say something along the lines of:
" The Tea Party really wants the Democrats to win in 2016".

Keep on trying though. The more the tea party merely creates noise and splits the GOP the better for the rest of us who dumped the GOP a long time ago.

Morlocke's picture

Oh boy, another pointless post from a lefty troll. If you can't discuss the topic of the article, then why bother to post at all? If the Tea Party and FreedomWorks are really benefiting your Democrats masters, then why not just keep quiet and let them?