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Figure Skating with a Side of Obamacare Propaganda

Photo credit rferl.comThe Obama Administration is planning on a significant ad campaign for Obamacare during next month's winter olympics. You cannot escape their propaganda even while watching the luge.

The Department of Health and Human Services will launch a TV ad blitz to take advantage of anticipated increased viewership on NBC stations which will carry the Olympic coverage between Feb. 7 and 23, an administration official confirmed to ABC News.

The official said the ads would run in markets with the highest rates of uninsured, but declined to specify the locations or the amount that would be spent.

The ads are targeted at young and healthy adults, encouraging them to enroll in the government's insurance system. As part of the formula for success the Obamacare pool must have young healthy patients to pay for older, sicker Americans. 

Enrollment of young adults is seen as critical to the success of the law. Health industry experts say at least 40 percent of sign-ups need to be between the ages of 18 and 34 to keep premiums in check.

This isn't the first appeal to young people in the Obamacare propaganda campaign. From frat boys doing keg stands, to Paul Bunyan, and several ads featuring hipsters, the administration has been trying anything they can to ratchet up the number of healthy enrollees.

If you think about it though, maybe Obamacare ads are perfectly at home during downhill skiing coverage. It's already headed downhill, might as well try for a gold medal in the "biggest government failure" competition.


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