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Press Release

Florida 2006 Legislative Recap


The 2006 Florida Legislative Session has come to a close and I wanted to take this opportunity to express my gratitude and deep appreciation to all of the Florida FreedomWorks members for all of their hard work in taking time to make their voices heard in Tallahassee. IT PAID OFF! Because of your efforts we can take pride in the victories we obtained in this session. First and foremost because of your efforts we stopped the abuse of eminent domain and have legislation signed into law that will stop the taking of private property by government to give to another private entity. As important will be the Constitutional Amendment to solidify this protection of private property, which will be on the November ballot to be voted on by the citizens. Other great victories for Floridians this session was the elimination of the unfair Joint and Several Liability, the full repeal of the insidious intangibles tax and Governor Bush vetoed legislation that would have extended the much abused No-Fault insurance until 2009.

Florida FreedomWorks members showed the power of grassroots in effecting change in public policy. I had the honor of being invited to attend Governor Bush’s ceremonial signing of the eminent domain protection legislation. Governor Bush commented to me, “Although public policy happens in Tallahassee, it is the grassroots throughout Florida that really drives public policy.” A staffer in Governor Bush’s office told me that “FreedomWorks really made the difference in pushing these important reforms”. Senator Burt Saunders, the sponsor of legislation that will put eminent domain protection on the November ballot commented, “ It was FreedomWorks activists that brought the attention to legislators to do something about the abuse of eminent domain.”

Because of all your hard work, you showed that government goes to those who show up. On behalf of FreedomWorks I would like to thank you for you’re hard work. It was my privilege to work with you to show that FreedomWorks!