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Press Release

    FreedomWorks Hosts Webcast Interview with Florida Senator Marco Rubio

    Washington, DC- FreedomWorks hosted a live-stream video interview with Senator Marco Rubio of Florida last Monday, which broadcasted live to FreedomWorks’ 1.5 million Facebook followers nationwide. Followers posted questions for the Senator to answer throughout the broadcast.

    Senator Rubio started the interview thanking FreedomWorks for the help given to his during his Senate campaign, saying, “I was 30 points down- you guys were one of the few that believed in me, so I am grateful.”

    Rubio emphasized the importance of repealing Obamacare, cutting spending, entitlement reform, and simplifying the tax code to allow individuals and small businesses the freedom needed to grow the economy and create jobs in the United States.

    “The cornerstone of my economic policy beliefs comes from the notion that our economic prosperity… has always been the product of the brilliance and bravery and hard work of our people. Our people are what make our nation great,” explained Rubio.

    “We have a very complicated tax code, a tax code that encourages people who can afford the accountants and the lawyers to figure out how to use it to their benefits. If you can’t, you get crushed by it. The more complicated the tax code, the harder it is for small businesses to succeed.”

    Rubio also emphasized the important role that entitlement reform plays in shrinking the debt, explaining, “The heart of our debt is Medicare and Medicaid… If we don’t reform those programs, not only will we lose those programs, but our country will go bankrupt.”

    To activists preparing to get out the vote for conservative Republicans in the months leading up to November, Senator Rubio had one piece of advice: “Just electing somebody because they have the right letter after their name is not enough; you have to elect people who are actually committed to coming here and doing something about these critical issues.”

    FreedomWorks plans to host more webcasts in the future to provide a platform for conservative leaders to communicate the ideas of limited government and fiscal responsibility to the activists dedicated to advancing the ideas of lower taxes, less government and more freedom nationwide.

    Watch the full broadcast here. For more information about FreedomWorks, please visit