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Press Release

FreedomWorks North Carolina Fighting Taxes and HillaryCare!

FreedomWorks North Carolina has been busy moving our ideas forward in a variety of ways the last few weeks. Before I update you on our progress, I want to take the time to remind you to vote next Tuesday. Exercising our right and privilege to vote is one of the most important ways to move our ideas into the realm of public policy. Early voting is already underway, and there are a couple of important issues facing voters. The following counties face a land transfer tax on the ballot: Ashe, Gates, Orange and Tyrell. There is a sales tax increase on the ballot in these counties: Cumberland, Duplin, Edgecombe, Gaston, Greene, Henderson, Hertford, Lee, Lincoln, Moore, Nash, Onslow, Randolph, Rockingham, Stanly, Wayne, Wilkes and Wilson.

Fighting Local Tax Hikes

FreedomWorks has been very active in fighting against local tax increases. In Orange County, for example, we attended a county commissioners meeting in protest against the tax increase proposal there. Our members showed up with signs, lapel stickers and bumper stickers to express our opposition to the tax. During the meeting, we were also able to address the commissioners directly. As volunteer leader Roy Loflin pointed out, the county commissioners were using taxpayers’ money to fund a campaign for the tax increase. As Roy explained to the media, “I think the ads are a waste of taxpayers’ money, and the commissioners should be more frugal with how they allocate funds.” Exactly. Taxpayers should not be forced to subsidize a campaign for more taxes!

Protesting HillaryCare

Switching gears to federal issues, FreedomWorks North Carolina is organizing a protest outside Senator Hillary Clinton’s campaign office in Winston-Salem on Friday, May 2nd. We will be pointing out the disastrous results that will occur if her health care plan becomes the law of the land. If you’d like to join us in Winston-Salem, please contact Joyce Krawiec at (336) 817 4601 or

If you live in the Asheville area, volunteer leader Bill Lack will be leading a protest outside Clinton's campaign office on Saturday around noon. You can reach Bill at (828) 253 5709.  

Together we can ensure that limited government and fiscal responsibility win the day in North Carolina. Thanks to your efforts so far, and the great work you will do in the future, we can continue the fight for freedom in North Carolina. With that in mind, please forward this email to five friends that share our values, and encourage them to join us in the cause for liberty!


Allen Page
Southeastern Regional Director