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Press Release

    FreedomWorks: Thank You, Senator Ted Cruz

    Washington, DC- FreedomWorks issued a statement to thank Senators Ted Cruz, Mike Lee and the eight principled conservatives who stood with them to “whip for the grassroots” against a rigged amendment process that forces the Senate to consider only one amendment (to strike the language that defunds ObamaCare), with only a simple majority required.

    Matt Kibbe, President of FreedomWorks, commented, “There are those in the Senate who hold leadership titles, and then there are those in the Senate who actually lead. In the past 22 hours, we saw who is willing to fight the big policy battles when it counts, and who would rather sit on the sidelines and do nothing.”

    “FreedomWorks thanks Senators Ted Cruz (TX), Mike Lee (UT), David Vitter (LA), Rand Paul (KY), Pat Roberts (KS), Jeff Sessions (AL), Marco Rubio (FL), Mike Enzi (WY), James Inhofe (OK), Chuck Grassley (IA) for stepping up and forcing a discussion on the harmful unintended consequences of ObamaCare. FreedomWorks is proud to continue to stand with them to use every option on the table to dismantle the President’s broken and expensive pet project.”

    FreedomWorks acted quickly to support the Senator’s all-night filibuster, setting up a live stream feed at which garnered over 1 million viewers throughout the night. Activists continue to drive thousands of calls to Congress to defund ObamaCare in the Senate, and to hold the invisible Senate Republican leadership accountable on Twitter using the hashtags #KeepCruzing and #MakeDCListen.

    Kibbe added, “FreedomWorks has issued a Key Vote ‘NO’ against the Reid-McConnell cloture motion to end debate on our 2013 congressional scorecard. Our position is clear: a vote for cloture is a vote to fund ObamaCare.”

    FreedomWorks is a grassroots service center to a community of over 6 million activists who believe in individual liberty and constitutionally-limited government. For more information, please visit or contact Jackie Bodnar at