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Press Release

    Gore's Environmental Spending Threatens to Bust Budget


    Cost Estimates for Gore’s Environmental Plans
    Program Cost
    Tax credits for producing electricity from renewable sources (wind, biomass) $5 billion over ten years
    Technologies for Tomorrow Challenge $68 billion over ten years
    Promoting Energy Efficient Technologies $13.5 billion over ten years
    Keep American Moving Initiative (light rail, high speed trains, etc.) $25 billion over ten years
    Ratify Kyoto Protocol $397 billion annually after 2010
    Overturn NAAQS decision $150 billion annually
    Everglades Re-Study $11 billion over 30 years
    Restore National Parks $5 billion
    CARA and Lands Legacy Initiative $30 billion over ten years
    Anti-Sprawl and Greenspace Initiatives $2 billion over ten years
    $706 billion in new government spending, tax credits, or losses to the economy.

    Source: “Energy Environment and Transportation," U.S. Senate Budget Committee, “Prosperity for America’s Families,” Al Gore, September 6, 2000.