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Press Release

Governor Jim McGreevey's Promises to Taxpayers are Up in Smoke

TRENTON. A message from 7,000 New Jersey Citizens for a Sound Economy members to Governor McGreevey: Keep your promise to taxpayers.

Governor McGreevey made the following promises to New Jersey taxpayers during the gubernatorial campaign of 2000:

"I am ruling out a tax increase." (The Star-Ledger, November 8, 2001)

"We're not going to raise taxes." (The Star-Ledger, April 21, 2002)

"I'm not making promises I can't keep." (The Star-Ledger, April 21, 2002)

Governor McGreevey's proposal to increase tobacco taxes by 50-cents - a nearly $200 million annual tax increase - is a broken promise to New Jersey citizens. For someone who stated that he is, "…committed for New Jersey state government to be operated in a cost-effective, fiscally conservative and responsible manner…" the governor's proposed new tax on low-income and middle class families is certain to exacerbate these difficult economic times for them.

Rather than prioritize spending, control state budgets, and "make difficult decisions…" Governor McGreevey has chosen a simple tax-and-spend strategy that punishes low-income New Jersey taxpayers to pay for big government programs.

It's time for Governor McGreevey and the legislature to reduce spending, eliminate redundant and inefficient government programs, and quit looking to tax increases as the easy way out of the budget shortfall.

Call Governor McGreevey today at 1-888-JOIN-CSE to tell him to keep his promise to New Jersey taxpayers, or use this link to email him directly.