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Healthcare Protest Pictures from NC!


Some FreedomWorks activists along with approximately 100 other patriots protested government-run healthcare at their Representatives' offices. Check out the report from one of our members:

Members of NC Freedom Works led a group of protesters to the offices of Rep. Brad Miller and Rep. Mel Watt to deliver a powerful message of “NO SOCIALIZED HEALTH CARE.”

A group of approximately 100 people visited the 13th District’s representative Miller and then marched a few blocks to the office of 12th District Congressman Watt. Freedom Works activists made certain that the representatives understood that they represented the people of their respective districts and were not a representative of President Obama. The activists also stressed to the congressmen’s aides that the citizens expected the congressmen to read the bill and give the people an opportunity to read the bill as well. The message was clear that the people in NC did not intend for any bill to be voted on that had not been read by the representative and had not been exposed to the people of NC.

Town Hall meetings are planned to discuss the health care issue during the August recess. Both Congressmen were notified that Freedom Works activists intended these events and hoped for participation from the Congressional representatives.