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    How to report voter fraud - Crash Course.

    Voter fraud is a contentious issue of late; liberals swear it is a myth propagated by evil racist conservatives. We know better. Most on the right are aware of the voter fraud issue but many have little to no idea how to combat or report violations; consider this your crash course. 

    First and foremost, step one in any instance where you see or suspect voter fraud is to alert the state officials who oversee the election process.  For most states this is done by the Secretary of State, in other states, there is a State Board of Elections.  Notifying these officials is paramount as they are the ones who ultimately certify and authenticate elections.  Alert them before you call Fox News or blow up Twitter, though drawing as much media attention as possible is beneficial, you want to make sure you follow a process. I have included a contact list for each state at the bottom of this post. 

    In many cases once you have alerted the state authorities they will direct you to the proper city or county officials where you will fill out paperwork. Bureaucracy at its finest. Go ahead and jump through their hoops, if you witnessed the fraud, chances are someone else did too. Make a good effort to get other witness' names and contact information as well.  This will strengthen your case and increase the likelihood that state and county officials will step in and act on your complaint. 

    If, as has happened before, state officials ignore you entirely your next step is to contact your state Attorney General and alert them of the situation. However, before you do this you need to arm yourself with knowledge of your specific states election laws. You will be more credible if you are able to cite the specific statutes which were violated. State laws are generally published online, however it may actually be quicker and easier for you to go to your local library or courthouse and utilize their search engines.  In my experience relevant case law and updated statutes can be difficult to sort through on Google or other internet search sites.  The Attorney General should conduct an investigation to determine whether or not there is enough evidence and/or information to take legal action. 

    If state officials refuse to work with you, your next step is to alert both your State Representative and State Senator, they may intercede, and it is in the Secretary of State and Attorney General's best interest to respond professionally and quickly to these representatives. 

    Should you continue to hit dead ends on the state level, it’s time to alert the Department of Justice.  Before doing this, call your Congressman and Senator, in some cases they will be willing to write a letter on your behalf to the DOJ. This is what your goal is ultimately; for the DOJ is less likely to ignore these officials. If going through your elected officials is a poor option, as it may very well be depending on the circumstances, review federal election law and proceed anyways. 

    Finally, you and I both know that the DOJ, nor liberal state officials are likely to do anything about a claim of election fraud, however, it is absolutely imperative that you go through these motions and document these steps to preserve any future legal options. Documenting instances of election fraud will continue to strengthen our case for voter ID.  Furthermore it is important to press forward on these criminals, so that it's understood that we will not idly stand by and allow our elections to be manipulated. 

    Last but not least, use your head. If you see or suspect voter manipulation, have the courage to record it, whip out your phone and start shooting video, and report it to the appropriate authorities first. 

    Alabama  334-242-7210

    Alaska 907-465-4611

    Arizona 602-542-8683

    Arkansas 501-682-5070

    California 916 657-2166

    Colorado 303-894-2200

    Connecticut 860-509-6100

    Delaware 302-739-4277

    Florida 877-868-3737

    Georgia 877-725-9797

    Hawaii 808-453-8683

    Idaho 208-334-2852

    Illinois 217-782-4141

    Indiana 317-232-6531

    Iowa 888-767-8683

    Kansas 785-296-4561

    Kentucky 502-564-3490

    Louisiana 225-922-0900

    Maine 207-624-7736 

    Maryland 410-269-2840

    Massachusetts 617-727-7030

    Michigan  888-767-6424

    Minnesota 877-600-8683

    Mississippi 601-576-2550

    Missouri 573-751-2301

    Montana 406-444-3976

    Nebraska 402-471-2555

    Nevada 775-684-5705

    New Hampshire 603-271-3242

    New Jersey 609-292-3760

    New Mexico 505-827-3600

    New York 518-473-5086

    North Carolina 919-733-7173

    North Dakota 701-328-4146

    Ohio 614-466-2585

    Oklahoma  405-521-6457

    Oregon 503-986-1518

    Pennsylvania 717-787-5280

    Rhode Island 401-222-2345

    South Carolina  803-734-9060

    South Dakota 605-773-3537

    Tennessee 615-741-7956

    Texas 512-463-5650

    Utah 801-538-1041 

    Vermont 800-439-8683

    Virginia 804-864-8901

    Washington 360-902-4151

    Washington DC 202-727-2525

    West Virginia 304-558-6000

    Wisconsin  608-261-2028

    Wyoming 307-777-5860

    Joseph Lukac

    I need some advice on an election matter. In our town in NJ, for the last 2 years our Mayor has stood right next to the booth and shakes voters hands before they enter the booth to vote. He also did this 3 years ago when he ran for Mayor. When we took pictures with our cell phones and asked the election representative to ask him to move away from the poll booths, nothing was done. What can I do, and who should I write to to ensure this is prevented this November because he will do it again with his 2 Council Candidates again this year as he always has.

    britishsix5ab4u's picture
    Neal C White

    Good information on voter Fraud. Everyone should be aware of what to do and keep your eyes open to anything that looks out of order. Don't worry about being embarrassed by bringing up whatever is disturbing you. Give the authorities an opportunity to do what they do. Here in Georgia I assure you will get a response.