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Press Release

How Should You Vote on the Ballot Questions in Colorado?


FreedomWorks Colorado has looked at the ballot questions before voters on November 4th, and we have decided to weigh in on a few of them.

As an organization that believes in lower taxes, less government and more freedom, we are opposed to a couple of the questions that would raise taxes. We also believe in the idea of “right to work” meaning that we are opposed to compulsory unionization. Only in an environment where willing employers and employees are able to set the price of labor will a state thrive economically.

With these thoughts in mind, we have decided to put together the following guide for Coloradans who will be heading to the polls on November 4th.


Amendment 47 – Right to Work - Vote YES

Allows employees to opt-out of union membership and prohibits unions from collecting mandatory dues or “agency” fees as a condition of continued employment.


Amendment 49 – Ethical Standards - Vote YES

Prohibits state agencies from performing automatic dues deductions from employee paychecks for private organizations, including unions.


Amendment 51 – Sales Tax Increase - Vote NO

Increases sales tax by 2/10 of 1 percent to fund programs for people with developmental disabilities.


Amendment 58 – Severance Tax Revenues - Vote NO

Increases severance taxes, and eliminates a property tax deduction against the tax.


Amendment 59 – TABOR Refunds for Education Fund Amendment - Vote NO

Eliminates TABOR refunds forever while moving those funds to a state education fund savings account.


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