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    How Will You Celebrate This 9/12?


    I'm often asked why we're not organizing another Taxpayer March on Washington this September 12th. Why, after more than a million Americans protested on 9/12/2009 and 9/12/2010, aren't we headed back to Washington?

    The reason is simple: we're not just a protest movement anymore.

    This movement has had stages. We began as a protest movement against big government in 2009, morphed into America's most powerful get-out-the-vote machine in 2010, and pushed for transformative legislative change to rein in government in 2011.

    With this evolution, we are moving closer to establishing the Tea Party movement as the permanent force for limited government, free markets, and individual liberty. But people's interest in national politics is always temporary. I believe if this movement intends to be permanent, it must move beyond political space—into cultural space.

    We do that by taking a movement already based on leaderless decentralization and making it even more local. As we've seen this year in state battles, local is where we win. It's also how we grow, recruit and stay connected as a movement. Plan your local 9/12 event right now on FreedomConnector, our online activism tool that helps grassroots activists find groups, create events and start organizing locally!

    Can't wait til 9/12 to get started? We've created a special section on FreedomConnector called August Action where you can start organizing for August townhalls and district office visits today. Get started now!

    Rather than spending your hard-earned money or using your vacation time to travel to DC, I'm asking you to celebrate this 9/12 by increasing your influence locally:

    • Have your local Tea Party or 9-12 group host a BBQ at a nearby park or family-friendly location. Invite new people to attend to help grow the movement. Set up some games, have a potluck and make it fun.

    • Register people to vote. Gather voter registration forms and set up a table at a local store or high traffic area. Remember if we're going to win elections we need people who are able to vote.

    • Organize for a local issue. National politics is important but nothing affects you more directly than what goes on in your community. Is there a bill in the state legislature or a debate on the city council you care about? Rally your Tea Party behind the issue.

    • Host a movie night or start a book club. Invite friends to join and help grow the movement. You could watch "Tea Party: The Documentary Film" or pick one of the books from our FreedomWorks reading list.

    Want to get started? You'll find no place better than FreedomConnector. Plan your local 9/12 event today!

    Remember, government goes to those that show up. But that doesn't mean just in DC. Get local, get organized and get going right now.

    In Liberty,

    Kibbe Signature
    Matt Kibbe
    President and CEO, FreedomWorks

    Tbirdnh's picture
    T. Bird

    I think it's a big mistake not to rally in D.C. While we might not just be a protest movement anymore, we still need to remind the political elites that we are still here, and still watching them. The rallies in D.C. served to motivate, inspire, and invigorate the movement. It's a damn shame that you seem content to rest on your laurels. P.S. I'm still planning on going to Washington again this year.

    Linda Love

    Just a thought......we've shown up in D.C in great numbers on 9/12 for several years and Congress and the White House has proven that they don't care! In the current economy, there is a very good chance that many people can't afford to go to Washington this year. If we show up in fewer numbers (which I believe would probably happen) the liberal media would use it to say that the "Tea Party" movement is losing it's power and becoming obsolete. Wouldn't we be better off organizing locally on 9/12 and letting the liberals "guess" what we're up to and how many of us there are? I've been to D.C. 5 times since 2008 and I've recently made the personal decision that if I can get one Conservative registered to vote, or drive one elderly neighbor to the polls, or work on the campaign of one Conservative candidate, I will have more impact in the 2012 elections and more results from my time and efforts. I just think we're beyond the "protest" stage. So many went to Washington to march but then returned home to wait for the next D. C. protest. It's time to get busy doing the hard work now. Just my opinion.

    Darrell Walker

    I agree 100% with T. Bird's comments. I am very disappointed in Mr. Kibbe's approach. Our country's credit rating has been downgraded for the first time in history as a direct result of the lack of leadership in Washington D.C. Now is not the time to celebrate! Now is the time to step up and speak out! (PROTEST!) Our small local groups are engaged on local and national issues. The idea that the large national TEA Party groups do not support at least an annual gathering is very discouraging.