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It’s Time To Hold Senator Warren Accountable For Not Understanding Education Economics

Originally Published in The Daily Caller on 6/7/17.

Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren recently announced “DeVos Watch,” aimed at Department of Education (DOE) Secretary Betsy DeVos to “ensure that the Education Department acts in the public interest.” Essentially Warren is on a higher ed-focused crusade against DeVos’s deregulatory policies under the banner of people shouldn’t make money off of students. The brutal irony of Elizabeth Warren, who made $430,000 to teach a single class at Harvard, “championing” education affordability and accountability is but a tragic indicator of how much her agenda lacks economic reasoning and sincerity.

First, Warren’s insinuation DOE was serving the “public interest” before DeVos doesn’t hold up to even slight scrutiny. Guaranteeing and subsidizing hundreds of billions of dollars in student loans sounds nice, but it’s simply the fallacy of governing on intentions versus outcomes.


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