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Jim DeMint Calls on South Carolina Senate to Pass School Choice

Today, FreedomWorks Campaigns Coordinator sat down with Senator Jim DeMint of South Carolina to discuss the need for school choice legislation in South Carolina. 

Senator DeMint called on Republican Senators to act on H.4894 which is currently sitting in the State Senate Finance Committee. 


Stand with Senator DeMint and tell your Senator to pass School Choice Bill H4894.
Charlotte Hendrix

This is soooo good. We have sent FAX photos of Senator Leatherman with a big "F" beside his photo and the student behind bars sitting in her school desk to ( which is a Freedom Works doorhanger) all the subcommittee where this is being held up right now. These are the Senators who are holding things up: Phil Leventis, David Thomas, Wes Hayes, John Matthews, of course Larry Grooms is backing it and Leatherman has passed the responsibility on to these guys so he doesn't have to be the BAD GUY...but he has already voted NO once before!!!! Please call these guys on TUESDAY and tell them to put it out for a full vote on the Senate floor before the session ends.