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Press Release

    Join FreedomWorks and Rep. Duncan Hunter for breakfast in Spartanburg

    Please join FreedomWorks South Carolina as we discuss our agenda of lower taxes, less government and more freedom with presidential candidate Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA). We will have the opportunity to talk with Rep. Hunter about his views on taxes, spending, property rights, school choice and many other important freedom agenda issues.

    As the presidential campaign for 2008 approaches, FreedomWorks volunteers will meet with the candidates and ask them to support personal retirement accounts, fundamental tax reform and market-driven energy and health care policies. Please join us as we meet with Rep. Hunter next week.

    Who: FreedomWorks and Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA)

    What: Breakfast to discuss the Freedom Agenda

    When: Friday, February 23rd from 8:00-11:00AM

    Where: Marriott at Renaissance Park
                299 North Church Street
                Spartanburg, South Carolina 29306

    For more information about the breakfast please contact FreedomWorks Southeastern Director Allen Page at or 336-213-1167.


    Brendan Steinhauser
    Director, Federal and State Campaigns